Graphic Design

Motley London

As the senior graphic designer at Motley, I have worked with multiple channels in order to create a consistent visual identity.

O Património Musical do Bom Jesus do Monte
The musical heritage of 'Bom Jesus' Hill

Art direction and development of the book 'O Património Musical do Bom Jesus do Monte' about the music heritage of Bom Jesus hill, in Braga, Portugal.


A collection of multiple photographs from 2015 until 2021.

Digital Ads

A collection of different ads produced and art directed for multiple brands.

Congregados Basilica

Visual identity of Congregados Basilica, one of the most important churches of Portugal, located in Braga.

Cultural Exhibitions

Art direction, design, and development of 18 cultural exhibitions over 3 years around Braga, Portugal. The aim of these exhibitions was to share the music heritage of the town with the general community.

Covid-19 Posters

Design of 4 posters during 2020 lockdown for @creativesagainstcovid19.

Fedrigoni 365

Fedrigoni 365 is an annual book compilation of work composed by 365 of the best UK designers. I was asked to be part of 2021 edition.

Novena de Natal
Christmas Novena

Book and cover design of a Christmas book.

Miguel Simões

Website and photography for Miguel Simões, one of the best Portuguese violinists, with multiple international awards.


Kaśka Gawlik is a polish singer and music producer with multiple awards and performances on BBC. This is the design production of her last album realesed 'Dream of Connection'.